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Orpheum Science Museum and Iguana Robotics sponsor Robot Summer Camp for Children. June 14-18, 2004

Children from the Champaign, IL area, ages 9-12 participated in a week long camp planned and staffed by the Iguana Robotics Educational team, RET teacher Geoff Freymuth and the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. Children learned about the history of robotics, basic robot terminology, robot design and the exciting field of Neuromorphic engineering. Students programmed and built LEGO Mindstorm robots and demonstrated their work for a Robot Rally on the final day of camp.
This camp also received fundingFrom the Central Illinois Chapter of IEEE.

For a power point presentation with lots of pictures from camp, click here.

RET teacher Geoff Freymuth
helping robot campers






Campers played with “Sam” the Aibo robot





LEGO Mindstorm robots were programmed and sent on Artic Rescue missions.


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