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Research Experience for Teachers (RET) sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF)



The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) grant is awarded to Pre-service or in service teachers by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this grant is to get teachers into the science laboratory so that they may see how “real science” is done. The hope is that the experiences these teachers have will generate excitement that can be conveyed into the science classroom.

Iguana Robotics, Inc is a research and development company located in Champaign, Illinois, which specializes in robotic, legged locomotion and vision systems. Iguana currently sponsors RET teacher Geoff Freymuth, a 6th grade science teacher from Edison Middle School in Champaign, IL.

For more information about on-going RET projects, click on the navigation bars on the left. For more information about purchasing educational robots developed at Iguana check out this site .

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